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Have an application that Google prevents you from stocking in the Android Market, leaving you and your app stranded? Are there users desperate to buy your application but they don't have access to Google Checkout or the Android Market? Do you want to show off your app but feel limited by not having what you need in the Android Market?

If so, then you've found the right place at myIslamiApp , the Original Market for Android (We launched our portal and mobile client in April 2012). What we do for the developer is simple. We provide a way to market, deliver and download content to users that you wouldn't have access to in your traditional channels.

myIslamiApps till date has enabled over 120 OEM's - including all the majors with an 'on-device' Market alternative solution, that have preloaded the myIslamiApps onto their devices. myIslamiApps provides a "Managed Application Store Service" to such OEM's, powering most devices that have no Android Market and for many where myIslamiApps complements the Android Market.

If you are looking for great global distribution, via our numerous custom distribution channels for our many partners, with no country restrictions across different Android device types (tablets, handsets, Android TV's, etc), then you should definitely give myIslamiApps a try.

Apps Reviews

Reviewed apps by our editorial team are downloaded 4 times as much. Request your review and it will be ready to be published within 24 / 48h*. The best way to get a reknown editorial reference to share!

Apps Analysis

Our team will check the key features of your app. They'll highlight the strenghts of your app, those which make the difference. They'll recommend you which features you should improve to meet the market standards.

Apps Promotion

You need to promote your app and you have to deal with a lot of options! Let us be your unique partner and we’ll do the job for you. One place, one partner.

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