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MIAS - MyIslami App Store
For Android Devices Users
MIAS is an application of “App-Store” for your Android mobiles and tablets which help to discover and download the application directly to your android mobile device available from Myislamiapps.

Download the MyIslami store "MIAS" (MyIslami App Store) to your device by entering http://myislamiapps.com/ArabicReader/IslamicStore.apk from your device's browser.

Myislmaiapps catalog expanding within MIAS which contains both free & paid application. You can also find free application from our web & mobile store. Through MIAS from your Android device you will find it easier to discover free and paid applications.

In case if you lost or reset device MIAS allows you re-download or upgrade Android application you have already purchased.

To install MIAS, you can either scan the 2D barcode with your camera scanning application as it appears on http://www.myislamiapps.com/Home/ or directly enter in your device's browser URL: http://myislamiapps.com/ArabicReader/IslamicStore.apk to download MIAS to your mobile device. Make sure your tap on downloaded file to install MIAS and assure you have Unknown Sources enabled from your device's settings.

MIAS for Handset Vendors, Distributors and Mobile Network Operators

Myislami has developed the first Android App-Store, both a web storefront 'myislamiapps.com', a mobile storefont 'm.myislamiapps.com' and MIAS as an 'on-device' App-Store client. MIAS can be branded and customized for such requirements. MIAS is available as is for potential partners to include on their devices. MNO's interested in carrier billing integration should contact our partners team.

Some screenshots of the newly designed Myislami App Store (MIAS) ver.5

Home page of appstore with listed applications

Application Categories

Application search results

Application detail reviews and descriptions

User Reviews on applications

User Login Page on app stor

all reviews on any application

User Profile in app store

Horizontal view of app store

User Registration page

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Access the entire plateform source and learn how to contribute.



Access the entire plateform source and learn how to contribute.



Access the entire plateform source and learn how to contribute.

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